Ola Galewicz

Cover design and illustration for Arabian Nights paperback reissue

Out with William Collins Books in June, 2022.

Paperback cover design for Cider Country by James Crowden

Out with William Collins Books in August, 2022.

Cover design and illustration for The Dog of The North by Elizabeth McKenzie

Out with 4thEstate in March, 2023.

Cover design and illustration for Windswept by Annie Worsley

Out with William Collins Books in August, 2023.

Paperback cover design and illustration for The Pages by Hugo Hamilton

Out with 4th Estate in July, 2022.

Cover design and illustration for The Age of Cats by Jonathan B. Losos

Out with William Collins in May, 2023.

Shortlisted for Penguin Student Design Award 2020

Book cover design for  'A Short History of Nearly Everything. A Journey through Space and Time' by Bill Bryson.

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